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MARI REF Management Team


Abidemi Oseni is an international medical graduate with years of experience in various capacities as a healthcare professional, he has worked in both clinical and non-clinical settings with active involvement in team coordination, mentoring and capacity building. His interest includes medical training, public health advocacy, health innovation and research and he had been part of numerous teams involved in research aimed at improving clinical outcomes in patients. In his spare time, he enjoys hiking, trail running and kayaking.

Senior editors

Akshaya Joseph

Daisy Li

Shahrzad Alimohammadi

Helia Mansouri Dana

Dina Abbas

Nelly Sadat

Herman Kazakov

Aria Jazdarehee

Junior editors

Inder Buttar

Nicholas Jo


Alida Fernandes

Alison Shieh

Sanna Bhayana

Anna Chou

Anushka Pradhan

Ashlyn Hait

Celine Yeung

Christine Ma

Victoria Liu

Deepshikha Sharma

Diana Sohn

Forouz Nader

Gaddiel Cruz

Fatemeh Moradkhan

Helen Zhang

Inder Buttar

Jason Liu

Jarshini Nanthakumar

Jessica Koe

My Nguyen

Kayla Romero

Nelly Sadat

Marion Roger

Nicholas Jo

Nicole Nwosu

Prachi Patel

Rebecca Ting

Simrit Dhillon

Smit Pater

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