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MARI Ref is a source for healthcare professionals to recognize possible cases of misdiagnosis and for patients to know what to expect after diagnosis.

We are passionate about knowledge and information so professionals and patients can together
make informed decisions in their healthcare journey

join our team and contribute to our vision to decrease errors in medicine, reduce misinformation, and improve public health knowledge


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Welcome to our comprehensive medical dictionary with information and guidelines created for medical and health professionals, academics, and patients. 

MARI Ref is part of the MARI Network under the direction of Dr. Pooya Beigi

Get to Know Us

The Misdiagnosis Association and Research Institute is an international, non-profit organization consisting of physicians, nurses, pharmacists, other professionals and students to assist healthcare providers and the general public in preventing misdiagnosis and errors in medicine. Our innovative and fast-growing parent organization started off with an idea to create the most comprehensive database for misdiagnosed and error-in-medicine cases. Now, MARI is reaching professionals in over 4 countries to develop innovative ways of tackling misdiagnosis and errors in medicine.
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Our Research Team

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Our team of volunteers are all dedicated to using their skills to innovate health education and help reduce medical errors. 



Step 1

Curated Information

is gathered from research journals, published medical literature, and evidence-based guidelines, by our volunteer authors on a variety of topics and provide source to identify instances of misdiagnosis

Step 3

Expanding Frontiers

in how health education is delivered. our online dictionary is the first step in a multistep process to improve health. MARI Ref aims to redefine how that process works in an age of technology and information

Step 2


is integral to building a strong and knowledgeable healthcare community. We aim to partner with individuals and organizations to help fuel the discussion about how to best deliver educational information in health. join us in our transformative approach !

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